About Brigita

Left: on the Adriatic coast in 1988

Right: hiking in the mountains in 1997
Brigita and I have been a couple since January 1986. After many years of good relationship, we decided to get married on September 9th, 1999 (9/9/99). Not really because we thought that our relationship should be officially certified by the government, but mostly because some things in life are a bit smoother and easier for married couples. Once there's common property, finances and taxes, these things begin to matter.

Left: Meggy as a puppy in 1990.

Right: This is not Meggy, but one of her puppies named Ben. Picture taken in 1997.
We got ourselves a dog in 1990, a collie named Meggy. Meggy has been with us for 14 years (until 2004).
Brigita has always liked animals, and has owned hamsters, parrots, cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits... Now we only have a cat named Tasha.

Both pictures show a climb to the top of Triglav (2864 m). The left one was taken in 1991, the right one in 1992.
Brigita likes nature and the outdoors, and enjoys hiking and climbing a lot. We climbed many peaks together, and will without doubt continue to do so in the future. Brigita is not as keen on working out, though, so she finds activities like jogging hardly appealling at all.

These two pictures show climbing to the top of Storzic, and were taken in 1998.
She also likes to travel, and we have seen many beautiful countries travelling together. Our common trips include those to most of the European countries, a month spent in Hawaii in 1996, touring the USA in 1995 and 1999, and a trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa in 1998.
In a few years time, when the kids grow a bit, we plan on making a round-the-world trip together.

Left picture was taken in 1988, the right one in 1986.
Perhaps it's just me, but I do believe mother nature has been very kind to Brigita. She does not seem to age at all. I know many girls much younger than Brigita, who actually look considerably older than her. People in their early twenties often think she's about the same age as they are. Some even refuse to believe her when she tells them her age.
I, too, have been subjected to strange and doubtful looks from people when stating that Brigita and I had been a couple since 1986: "Really? Was this legal when you started...?"

Left: A picture on a mountain top not far from our home, taken in 1997.

Right: Preparing for Mardi-Gras. This was done by our friend, a painter.

Left: On the slopes of Zaplata in 2001.

Right: New York City, 1995.

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