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Repaint and conversion to series 1

The body of the car got damaged during a terrible hale storm in August 2004. The bonnet and the roof were full of dents, and I also had to replace the windshield. I've decided to take the car to the paint shop for full repaint job. I chose to return the CX back to original colour, which was "Gris Espadon". At the same time, I decided to convert the car back to series 1 look, as it was proper for the CX made in 1985.

The car is back from the paint shop. The next task is to replace the series 2 wings with series 1.

The left picture shows the car with one series 2 wing (left) and one series 1 (right).

Right picture shows the series 1 wing more clearly.

I've painted the inner wings with POR-15.

This is a good time do check the wheel arches and fix them where necessary.

Finished product. A few small items are still missing: the spats over rear wheels, some chrome trim etc. But that will be sorted out quickly and easily.

I've kept the series 2 grille for now. I might replace it with series 1, we'll see about that.

I am definitely keeping the series 2 rear view mirrors, though.

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