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The Citroen Picasso

We decided to get ourselves a proper family car in October 2003, because our family was growing. After a little bit of searching and shopping around, we decided to go for a Citroen Picasso.

We test-drove it shortly after purchase - we went to Krk island on the Croatian coast. The place on these two pictures is called Stara Baska. Krk is a mountainous island with plenty of small bays and peninsulas. The interior is mountainous with the highest point reaching above 600 m. Stara Baska is in the south-eastern corner.

The town in the background of the left picture is called Baska. The main attraction here is the sandy beach that stretches for several kilometres. The surrounding mountains also make an interesting backdrop, as you can see on the right picture.

The left picture was taken in a parking lot just outside of town called Vrbnik. Vrbnik is in the north-eastern corner of the island. The town is in a high place above the sea and the mountain massif across the strait is named Velebit.

In August 2004, I drove to Belgium to do some shopping. I bought some body parts for the GSes I own. The picture on the right was taken in a small town named Houwaart. Note the DS hiding behind the silver Picasso.

Two pictures in front of my house. Fair weather on the left. After a night of heavy snowfall on the right.

Two pictures with Mojca, both taken while going hiking. Left one was taken just below the summit of Konjiska gora, and the right one is from Pohorje.

More family pictures. Kids really love the large trunk - at times they just don't want to get out.

Left: Another picture with Mojca - having fun behind the wheel.

Right: Under the car-port.

Two pictures from the trip to the seaside in October 2005. Left one was taken in the resting place along the motorway, and the right one is from Rab island.

Most people seem to go for the HDI, but I am not much of a diesel fan, so I went for 1800 cc 16V petrol engine. With 117 bhp, it is not exactly a sports car; but the performance is more than adequate for family purposes.

An interesting note: while most people think Citroens aren't exactly the most reliable cars around, Picasso made it to the top of the German motoring club ADAC reliability statistics in 2004 as the most reliable car in the category of vans.

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