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Short description

Floor convectors are modern heating devices designed for mounting into the floor. They consist of:
heat-insulated housing of standard length 1500 mm (or 1000 to 1500 mm upon customers' request)
one- two- or three row heat exchanger
tangential fan
different control elements (microprocessor controls on air- or water side respectively, valves)
step-on grilles made of aluminium sections with blades (available in two shapes), galvanised in different colours. Grilles can be alongside fixed as well as roll- or angle shaped.


Because of the same dimensions, floor convectors with natural and forced convection can be mixed in all combinations.


Volume flow is achieved via the natural convection and tangential fan.


simple connecting to one- or two pipe system
floor mounting does not occupy any free place
high power (up to 4,5 kW)
small water quantity and fast heating
even air circulation
simple operating and maintaining


Floor convectors can be used for primary or secondary heating of business and trade premises, car display rooms, halls and winter gardens... where larger heating power and faster heating is demanded and can not be achieved by the means of natural air circulation.They are also used to prevent condense from building on windows and intrusion of cold air.

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