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I've been playing with my new cheapo flatbed scanner a bit and made some 3D stereo anaglyphs (3D pictures that you should look at with RED/GREEN or RED/BLUE spectacles/glasses). Flatbed scanner is great (and very cheap) tool for creating such stereo images.
I got the idea of making stereo images with means of flatbed scanner from interesting page Flatbed Scanner as Stereoscopic Near Field Camera from Dr. Richard Schubert. Take a look at it!

And how to create 3D anaglyph with flatbed scanner?
Basicly you should scan the model at two different horizontal positions on scanner's glass. Those shouldn't be too wide apart, cause that would give you a "hyper-stereo" image which would have exaggerated depth and would be hard to look at. As a rule of a thumb I'd suggest that those positions shouldn't be more than 1/4 of model's size apart. But if the places are very near, the "depth" will be too small. Mostly few centimeters will do just fine. Experiment!
When you have the two pictures split them to Red, Green and Blue channels with suitable software (Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop) and then merge together RED channel from LEFT image and GREEN and BLUE channels from RIGHT image (replace RED channel of RIGHT image with RED channel of LEFT one).
That was the procedure in short words. Creating really good anaglyphs does require practice, so don't be too disappointed if the first one of your's won't be too good... And of course you need appropriate models. I achieved best results with little sculptures made of gypsum and wax. Bright models generally make better scans possible (at least if you're using cheap scanner).

Below you can see thumbnails of anaglyphs available on this page.
Click'em to see large images. Some them are quite amazing and they really tend to "jump out of your screen", so please, take a look at them! If you have any similar sculptures, try to make your own anaglyphs or send the sculptures to me and I'll do it (I won't send them back, so don't send valuable stuff unless you really want to ;-) and contact me via email before sending). If you make a really good anaglyph that way or if you have a model (or spare 3D spectacles) for me, let me know!


Bear 1


Bear 2




Woman 1

Disc Thrower 1

Disc Thrower 2

Disc Thrower 3

Woman 2

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