Grintovec, Kocna and Skuta are the three highest peaks in Kamniske alpe range. Grintovec is the highest, but Kocna and Skuta follow very closely. They all have their charms. Grintovec looks like a pyramid, Kocna like a fortress and Skuta has got a pretty slim and tall frame.

You can reach the top from the southeast or from the west. Southeastern trail comes across Mali Podi, which is a plateau reachable from either Okreselj, Kamnisko sedlo or directly from Kamniska Bistrica. Western trail comes across Dolgi Hrbet and Struca. It crosses Mlinarsko Sedlo, a rather steep pass. This pass is reachable from Ledine on the north or Grintovec on the west. Whichever trail you choose, Skuta will take you 4 to 6 hours to reach the summit. None of the trails are easy. Some are actually very difficult. Skuta is suitable only for well experienced hikers.

This picture shows Skuta as seen from the summit of Grintovec. The ridge towards Skuta is named Dolgi hrbet and the lighter-coloured rock formation just before Skuta is called Struca ("A loaf").

This is the southeastern face. The trail from this side leads below the vertical plates that start below the summit. Then the trail turns upwards and follows the southern ridge all the way up.

That's us, taking a break on top of Kriz (also known as Koroska Rinka). Skuta is in the background, partially covered by clouds. The ridge between Skuta and Kranjska Rinka (a neighbour of Kriz) is a serious climbing affair. It's so narrow and the drops on either side are completely vertical. And very deep, too. So: only suitable for very experienced climbers.

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