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I'm the new screamer in the family and my name is Miha. My due date of birth was January 27th, 2004, but I chose to hurry up a little bit. I was born on January 22nd (6:09pm), just to be in line with my big sister Mojca , who was born on the same date in 2002. I suppose this is what people call the family planning...

Caution: I don't mean to be a pain, but you should really use 1024x768 (or higher) resolution for viewing this page. If you use 800x600 or even lower, it will probably look weird.

On the left: my first picture, taken 15 minutes or so after my birth.

On the right: that's me on the next day, taking a nap to have some rest after a good night's sleep.

Here I am with my folks. Brigita on the left and Jure on the right picture.

Just to bore you with some numbers: I measured 55 cm and weighted 3.97 kg at birth.

I spend most of my time sleeping for now. And eating, of course. This was one of the rare moments when I was caught awake.

Left: It's freezing cold outside, need to put my warm clothes on when going for a walk.

Right: I'm growing fast, am I not?

Now growing even faster... :)

Luckily the winter is gone and it is much more pleasant on the trips outside. On the right picture, I am sitting outside in the lawn of the grandma's house.

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