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Mojca 1

I'm Mojca, the new addition to the family. I was born on January 22nd 2002 at 2:04am. Me, Brigita and Jure are a gang of three now! Just in case you haven't guessed, Brigita is my mom and Jure is my dad, but they prefer to be addressed by their names rather than "mom" and "dad", which apparently sounds all too adult for their taste...

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On the left: Brigita on November 3rd 2001, two and a half months before my birth.

On the right: Brigita on December 3rd 2001.

My due date of birth was January 22nd 2002 and I decided to be right on time. On Monday, 21st January 2002, in the evening, Brigita and Jure drove to the hospital. It was a fairly long drive, 160km, because my parents were a bit choosy about which hospital they wanted to go to. But this big Prestige took us there in no time.

On the left: a dark evening picture, Brigita and Prestige in front of the hospital in Postojna. January 21st 2002, 21:40.

On the right: Brigita waiting to enter the delivery room.

The next set of pictures was taken in the delivery room on January 22nd 2002 at 3am, a little less than an hour after my birth!

This is me with Brigita...

...and this is me alone.

I recognized Brigita and Jure right away, after all I've been listening to their voices for months before we finally met.

On the left: Jure had to dress up for the occasion if he wanted to attend my birth.

On the right: me and Brigita on January 23rd at 5pm. I'm 39 hours old on this picture.

Brigita and I were supposed to leave hospital on Sunday, January 27th. But on Friday, the doctor said we could go home right away if we wanted to. So Brigita phoned Jure and said we're coming two days earlier. I guess this could be called early release due to good behaviour...

Jure arrived to the hospital straight from his office; he didn't have the time to go home and get all the stuff Brigita and I needed, so we had to improvise a bit. And he came with the Dyane! Frankly I would have preferred to be driven home in the Prestige (am I choosy or what?), but the Dyane did the job just as well.

Finally home!

On the left: shortly after arriving home, grandma came to visit me. January 25th at 8pm.

On the right: finally sitting at home in my chair, all is well, life's good and it's time to relax!

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