composer of contemporary classical music

Slovenski jezik



List of compositions





Concertino for oboe and string orchestra in F major op. 2 (1995)
Ingrid for flute, oboe, clarinet and strings (1995)
Symphony for strings in B flat major op. 4 (1995)
Concertino for clarinet and string orchestra in F major op. 7 (1996)
Adagio for string orchestra (1996)
Symphony 'in stille classico' for string orchestra in A major op. 18 (1997)
Piccola Sinfonietta da Camera for chamber orchestra (1997/98)
Sinfonietta Lesta for string orchestra (1999)
Illuminatio for vibraphone and orchestra (1999/2000) (Ed. DSS 1862)
Concerto for piano and string orchestra op. 50 (2000)
Double Concerto for flute, harp and chamber orchestra op. 55 (2000) (Ed. DSS 1732)  
Portrait for violin and orchestra (2001)
Contemplatio, concerto for bassoon and string orchestra (2001/2002)
Concerto for violoncello and orchestra op. 57 (2001/2002) (Ed. DSS 1715)  
The Impressions of Life for string orchestra (2002) (Ed. DSS 1905)
Contrasts in Colour for large symphonic orchestra (2002/2003) (Ed. DSS 1735)
The Exhibition Concertino? for clarinet and chamber orchestra (2003) (Ed. DSS 1765)
Second Concerto for piano and string orchestra (2004)  
Concerto for alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and orchestra (2004) (Ed. DSS 1839)
Symphony no. 1 (2006) (Ed. DSS 1855)  

• Monssong for chamber orchestra (2007)

• Young Heart for chamber orchestra (2007)

• Symphony no. 2 (2007/08) 

• Concerto for flute and orchestra (2007/08) (Ed. DSS 1939)  

• TNA Concertino for vibraphone and orchestra (2008) (Mc DSS 78)

• Chamber Concerto for small orchestra (2009)  

• Chamber Concerto no.2 for small orchestra (2009)

• Concerto for violin and orchestra (2009-10) (Ed. DSS 1956)  

• Concerto for euphonium and string orchestra (2010)  

• Mixer for large symphonic orchestra (2011)

• Concerto for piccolo and orchestra (2011/12)

• Symphony no. 3 (2009/14)

• Ljubljana Overture for wind orchestra (2015)

• The symbiosis of opposites for large orchestra (2015)

• Festive Overture 2016 (2016)  



Jaz(z) za B. G. for clarinet, piano and drums(1996)
A Ballad for Catherine for oboe and piano (1996)
The Magnificent Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano (1996)
The Lark, a musical fairy tale for two flutes, piano and narrator (1996)
Murmur for ten instruments(1997)
Figurine for violin and piano (1997)
String Trio no. 1 (1997)
Ultima Necat for violoncello and ten instruments (1997/98)
Divertimento Grazioso for violin, violoncello and piano (1998) 
Figuratio for two flutes and clarinet (1998)
Trio for violin, violoncello and piano op. 28 (1998)
Jazz Capriccio for flute, piano and percussion (1998)
Sonata for flute and piano (1998)
Jeux d' buffoon for oboe and piano (1998)
Woodwind Quintet no. 1 (1998)

• Toccata for string trio (1998, revised in 2011)
Five Bagatelles for flute, violin and piano (1998)
Three Bagatelles for percussion (1998) 
Sonata for trombone and piano (1998/1999)
Dance Suite for flute, violin, viola and piano (1999)
Suite for flute and harp op. 40 (1999)  
Impression for guitar and piano (1999)
Fantasy-poem for violoncello and piano (1999) (Ed. DSS 1635)
Passacaglia Drammatica for bass clarinet and piano (1999)
Trio for flute (clarinet), violoncello and piano op. 45 (1999/2000) (Mc. DSS 4)  
Tango for flute and piano (2000), also version for violin and piano (2002) (Mc. DSS 44)  
Sonatina for violin and piano op. 49 (2000)
String Trio no. 2 op. 51 (2000)
Three Lyrical Poems za violino in klavir (2000)
Relax for nine instruments (2000)
Arabesques for clarinet sextet (2001) (ALRY Publications, CC 149)
Jeux for flute and piano (2001)  
Sparkles for two flutes, violoncello and harp (2001) (Ed. DSS 1717)  
Sonnet for flute, violoncello and piano (2001)
Jeux no. 2 for clarinet and piano (2002)
String Quartet no. 1 op. 66 (2002)
Trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon op. 67 (2002) (ALRY Publications, CM 105)
Tango Marakleano for violin, guitar and accordion (2002)  
The Kisses of Nature for two harps (2003)
The Angel of Love for seven instruments (2003)  
Quatre chants pastorals for mouth harmonica, guitar and harp (2003)
Purl for violin and harp (2003)
Cuckoo Variations for violin and piano (2003/2004)
The Bird Tango for three piccolos and piano (2004) (ALRY Publications, FTP-03)  
The Dance of the Cuckoo for violin, violoncello, horn and accordion(2004)
Notturno for two harps (2004)
Novelletes for two flutes, violoncello and harp (2004) (LMP CM0705)
Little secrets for clarinet quartet (2004)  
Yearning for flute quartet (2004)  
Trio for violin, horn and piano (2004-05)
Woodwind quintet no. 2 (2005) (Ed. DSS 1871)
Brainwave for oboe and French horn (2005)
The Message for guitar quartet, cello quartet and flute (2005)  
Sonata for violoncello and piano (2005)    
The Wedding Dance for three bassoons (2005)
Passion for twelve cellos (2005-06)

• Le-team for alto flute and piano (2006)  
String Quartet no. 2 (2006)
Secret Sounds of Magic for 8 instruments (2006)
The Silver Song for horn and harp (2006)

• Jokers for trumpet, horn and trombone (2006)
Short, but Sweet for alto saxophone and piano (2006)

Moods for two flutes and two alto flutes (2006)

Tango for clarinet sextet (2007)

• Waving for flute, violin and guitar (2007) (LMP CM0805)

The Heavenly Ecstasy for violin and violoncello (2007)  

• Sonic Touch for oboe and piano (2007) (Ed. DSS 2001)

• Pulsation for two guitars (2007)

• The Start of Time for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2007) (Ed. DSS 1983)

• Rainbow for flute and piano (2008) (Ed. DSS 1884) 

• Sun Cells for flute, clarinet and harp (2008)

• Musica Ricercata for clarinet and string quartet (2008)

• Jeux no. 3 for bassoon and accordion (2008)  

• Contrasts for clarinet and guitar (2008)

• Nocturno for piccolo and harp (2008)

• Divertimento for harp and string quartet (2009)

• An Elephant and a Flea for piccolo and alto flute (2009)

• Metamorphoses on 13th Capriccio for cello and guitar (2009)

• As Time goes by for alto flute, horn, marimba and violoncello (2009)

• The Journey for chamber ensemble (2009)

• Chili Peppers, a cycle of small compositions for violoncello and piano (2009)

• Unity for three violins (2010)

• Illusion Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano (2010)

• Duo Brillante for cello and accordion (2010)  

• At least Five Times Useful for bassoon and string quintet (2011)

• Pictures for saxophone quartet and percussion (2011)  

• Viola on Duracell for viola and piano (2011)

• Three Days for flute, saxophone and piano (2011)

• Two Nocturnos for zither duo (2011) (Ed. CIT NG01)

• Envy for flute and piano (2012) 

• Ballad for trumpet and piano (2012)

• Hard Rock Cello Party for two cellos (2012)  

• Summer Sonata for flute, viola and harp (2012)

• Czardas UT(roj)E for clarinet, violin and violoncello (2012)

• Trio Drammatico for violin, cello and piano (2012)

• Intrada for flute ensemble (2013)

• Woodwind quintet no. 3 - Monologues (2013)

• In due tempi for saxophone and marimba (2013)  

• Piece of Cake for clarinet and piano (2013)  

• The Waltz of Ljubljana for saxophone and piano (2013)  

• Alterum Tantum for clarinet and piano (2013)  

• Crystals for clarinet and piano (2013)  

• String Quartet no. 3 (2013)

• The World upside down for violin, viola, cello and double bass (2013-14)  

• Small Colourful Fantasy for two flutes and piano (2014)

• Eine kleine Bledmusik for violin, viola, cello and double bass (2014) 

• Nocturno for violoncello and piano (2014)

• Games of Novo mesto for clarinet quartet (2015)  

• Sonata for two violins (2015)  

• (Za)kompleks(a)ne bagatele for saxophone quartet (2015)

• Sonatina for marimba and harp (2015)
• Dreams of a flying Angel for violin and piano (2016)

• Little Suite for horn quartet (2016)

Solo instrumental


Sonatina for piano op. 1 in C major (1990)
Three Preludes for piano (1996)
Who Flies High Falls Low for piano (1996/97) (Klavirske pisanice, Centre for Music Education Koper, 1997)
Sonatina for Anja for flute solo (1997)
Sarcasms for piano (1999)
Gloria for organ (2000)
Pastoral for guitar (2000)
Vanishing Moments for piano (2002)  
The Carousel of Life for guitar (2002)
Six Little Inventions for organ (2003)
Composition for violoncello (2003)
The Play of Light for harp (2003)  

Sonatina for violin (2005)  
The Confession of music for accordion (2006)

• Introduction and Allegro for accordion (2008)

• Monologue for vibraphone (2009)

• Sonata for zither (2009)

• Forest awaking in Sunlight for flute (2010)  

• Rainbow-like Impression for piano (2010) 

• The Dance of Dewdrops for piano (2015)


Why It Scares at Night (Z. Levstek) for youth choir (1997) (Drobtine zvezd, ZKDS cooperation with ZRSZS, 1997)
Te Deum Laudamus for mixed choir and organ (1999)
The Allegory of Love no. 1 (F. Preseren) for bass baritone and piano (2000)
Miraculous! (J. Kolenc) for mixed choir (2002) (Nasi zbori, year 53, no. 2-3)
Sleigh Bells (L. Prunk) for children's choir a capella (2004)
Missa Iubilei: Sanctus et Benedictus for mixed choir and ten instruments (2005)
Mass for mixed choir a cappela, also with string quartet and harp (2005)
GEOSS and Slovenia (J. Dernovsek) for male choir (2006)
Two Epistolas (B. A. Novak) for mezzosoprano, viola da gamba and harpsichord (2006)

Alone (S. Gregorcic) for youth choir (2006), mixed choir version in 2008

• The Dancer Saves Herself from the Devil (folksong) for mixed choir (2006-07)

• "Don Bosco" Mass for mixed choir and small big band ensemble (or organ) (2007) (Ed. Salve)

• The Traveller (T. Pavček) for mixed choir (2007)  

• Talking to Maria (J. Kvas) for two-voice children choir with accompaniment (2008)

• Peace I give unto you (SP, Jn 14, 27) for mixed choir (2009 (Ed. DSS 2000)

• Pedenjped the Student (N. Grafenauer) for children's choir and piano (2009) (Glasbena Matica)

• The Hole in the Whistle (Hafis) for soprano and piano (2010) (Ed. DSS 2004)

• The Day of Silence (Hafis) for mixed choir and piccolo (2010) 

• I have something to say to you (I. Dujmović) for mixed choir (2011)

• Oče naš (Pater Noster) for male choir (2011)

• Ave Maria for mixed choir (2011)

• Magnum Mysterium for mixed choir (2011)  

• San se šetao (folksong) za for youth choir and piano (2011) (Astrum)  

• Po lougi leiče (folksong) for mixed choir and violoncello (2012)  

• Ave maris stella for mixed choir (2012) (Astrum)

• O sacrum convivium for mixed choir (2012)

• The Bright Song (C. Zlobec) for mixed choir (2012) (Ed. DSS 2045)  

• The Sun Mass for mixed choir and organ (2013)

• Ena ptička priletela (folksong) for youth choir and piano (2013) (Astrum)

• Salve Regina for mixed choir (2014)

• Sub tuum praesidium for mixed choir (2014)

• Peresna (S. Kopinšek) for youth choir and piano (2014)

• Drugačna (S. Kopinšek) for youth choir and piano (2014)

Ave verum corpus for mixed choir (2015)  

O rex gentium for mixed choir (2015)

Alma redemptoris mater for mixed choir (2015) 

Kje so tiste stezice (folksong) for 3-voice youth choir (2015) (Astrum)  

Sirota jaz okrog blodim (folksong) for 3-voice youth choir and piano (2016)

Tamburitza Orchestra


• Kva je to?, a fantasy on the tune "Pat in Mat" for tamburitza orchestra and solo violin (2009)  

• Variations on the folk tune "Tri jetrve žito žele" for tamburitza orchestra (2010)  

• Towards Redemption for tamburitza orchestra (2010) (Ed. JSKD)

• Tamburophony in G major for tamburitza orchestra (2011)

• Vipavska (Tam)burja for tamburitza orchestra (2012)  

• Dance overture for tamburitza orchestra (2011-12) 

• Ljubljana Waltz no. 1 (2013)

Scene - film music


Scene music for ballet Stribor's Forest (1996)
Background music for Tales from a 1001 Nights (three stories) (1997)
Music for a youth feature film Obleka naredi cloveka (1998-2000)

Scene music for the fairy tale Once upon a time a String was living (2007)

Scene music for the radio play Looking for the Ball and the Bear (2007)

Scene music for the radio play Who is the Ghost afraid of (2011)